Novalis T.X

Hello. I have not visited in awhile, so sorry. Just been busy with everything. My daughter was diagnosed with diffuse/multiple AVM (actually 6 spots). I have had many opinions from experts advising for conservative managment.

However, I recently returned from another meeting with Dr. Desalles of UCLA. He is recommending that that treat my daughter with the Novalis T.X. They just installed the newest one early 2009 which is more accurate and precise.

Anyways, I am somewhat confused because both Dr. Spetzler's office in Phoenix and Dr. Lawton's office of UCSF advised conservative management. Dr. Martin at UCLA just turned me to Dr. Desalles since it was too dangerous to operate on.

What is your experience with Novalis? Since Morgan has 6 which are considered small to medium they think they can successfully treat it with 80% certainty. It would be in three month increments 3 X 6.

Did your daughter do the Novalis treatment? My seven year old son will be having novalis treatments at UCLA.

Hello! Did your son do the Novalis treatment? I was just diagnosed with a 3 cm AVM in the back left of my brain. Dr. Martin at UCLA said I am eligible for radiosurgery or regular surgery. Since I'm in the process of deciding which treatment to go with... any feedback would be awesome. I hope your son is doing well.. best wishes to both of you.

Thanks! Bec