Numbness and tingling

I have noticed that for the past few days my lower right side has been getting numb which I understand is a symptom of the AVM ans would explain why it does not cross the midline. Its worrying obviously especially due tio the fact that I cant contact my neurosurgeon as its a bank holiday weekend. I was wondering if any bopdy else out there has had or still has this loss of sensation, did it progress to get worse, did it dissapear after rest, is there anything I can do to make it stop and how long it is likely to continue? Alot of questions I kniw but its hard to understand something when theres noone to ask out there professional wise. I thank you in advance for your responses.


I'd strongly encourage you to go to the ER and have them do at least a neuro exam and possibly a CT or MRI.

We can never be overly cautious!

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Thanks patti. I did go to the ER yesterday which I neglected to mention scatter brain that I am and I had a ct carried out which showed the same as last time, no change and no bleed. Of course due to the fact that registrars are just registrars and not specialists they are unsure what to do with an avm and just told me to go home and rest up. Come back again if it progresses was the diagnosis. Thankyou for your response though

Hi Sarah.  For me, I get numbness in my entire left leg and sometimes the left side of my face.   I've been like this for about  a year and a half.   I haven't  found anything to help me with it though.   Sometimes rest will help and sometimes it doesn't.   I have discovered that if I'm active that day, then my numbness gets worst.    Sorry I couldn't be much help.

Hi, Sarah. Everyone is different, but for me, the numbness on the left side of my face continues to be off and on after five years. However, the same problem in my left hand fingers has gotten worse…I can no longer hold things with that hand because they stay numb and I’m always dropping things.

Hello Sarah,

When my brother has a crisis besides other symptoms, usually his right part of face ( including his tongue ) is numbed and it goes away in a few hours without something special ( He's taking his medications every day ) and is not getting any worse. You did very well in going to the hospital and see that the AVM is the same. You did not have this numbness before? Do you take any drugs?

I wish you all the best


Thankyou all for your responses they have been very helpful to me. Im currently in hosp and have been for ten days now as they think that I have had a stroke but I believe that uit is the avm messing bout with my body but we wil see. I will hoefully regain some sensation in my right side but it depends if the nerves have been damaged or not. At least I now hae=ve my nerbe painkillers and hopefully they will work soon. Getting used to not having the right side but am very lucky that at least I can still talk as my face is the inly thing unaffected. Once again thankyou to all that replied x