Numbness/Tingling in left hand and both feet

Ever since my bleed in July 2008, I have had numbness/tingling in my left hand and both feet. When my husband touches my arm, he says it is freezing, and that there is no warmth to it at all. I’ve taken different things for it, but nothing helps; has anyone tried Acupuncture? I am up for anything… Please help, I am hurting like crazy!

Hi Kimberly,
I too had a thalamic lesion (R. thalamic cavernous malformation) & had surgical resection 3/9/10, so can relate with the unpleasant numbness & bizarre sensations. :0
Have your drs. tried you on Lyrica, Neurontin or Amytriptylin to help relieve symptoms? For myself, these meds didn’t help, but they may?? help you. :slight_smile:
I did try acupuncture once & it seemed to help a little for the moment. The acupuncturist wanted me to try it 3 times a week, but am presently not driving, so didn’t pursue.
Take care & hope this helps,
Multiple Cavernous Malformations and Deep Brain Lesions: Patti’s Ongoing Journey

Sounds like circulation problems. My doctors big in to herbal stuff and he once gave me something that had alcohol in it to improve blood flow. Acupuncture seems like a could be benificial but never tried it because my insurance dosent cover it. My doc did want me to try it, though. Maybe a second opinion is in order if your hurting that badly. Dosent sound like your doc is fixing things for you.

I had surgery October 2006 and have had numbness ever since in my right hand and arm moving to my left hand and arm recently (although not as much as on my right). I’ve also been told that my hand was freezing and we had three digit temperatures here in Texas for over a month now. I haven’t tried acupuncture so I can’t attest to that. I am sorry that you’re hurting but know that you’re not alone in this journey. It can be nothing but frustrating but the people on this site are awesome. Feel free to lean and you can always ask specific questions from people in the area. It looks like you’re in OK and there is a group on here called Southwest AVM Survivors you can join as well if you like. If you haven’t done this already, you can also do a search for others in OK by clicking on the “members” tab and putting in “OK” in the search. It pulls up a list of almost 5 pages of members.

On a good note, the site founder Ben was treated at the same facility in Dallas that you mentioned and he’s now studying to be a doctor! Hang in there and let me know if acupuncture helps. If I hadn’t said it already… welcome girl!

Hi Kimberly. My almost 86 year old Father tried acupuncture last year to alleviate some of his pains. He says he wished he had done it years ago.

My left hand/arm/shoulder has been numb and paralyzed ever since the AVM ruptured 2 years ago Occassionally it tingles, which I’ll take as a good sign, because I think a tingle is better than complete paralysis! i tried acupuncture and it was great, only needed 2 sessions! You should try it! hope you know a good clinic

Good Luck!

Thank you guys; I definitely I will look at checking in on acupuncture. The only thing that will keep me from it is not being covered by insurance, but at this point, I’m not concerned about that; if this can help… WOW!

Patti-My doctors were going to prescribe me Lyrica for my hand, but decided on Topamax instead. It worked for a little while, but is no longer working.(but I’m still taking it)
zsuzy- This past weekend my husband grabbed his arm away from mine because he said mine was so cold, ha! :slight_smile: I may need some help getting on those pages, I may be coming back to you. :slight_smile: I did know that we went to the same doctors.

Thanks again!


I did a search for you on here…just click on the link…

I have tingling in my left fingers and toes and foot. Sometimes my leg is cold. When I feel like this I try to walk as much as I can and I pedal my bike 15 minutes. This seems to help the tingling and cold feeling.

Hi Kimberly Chris is having the same problem with tingling sensation on his right side now affecting how he holds things. He has had o/t last three weeks everyday to help with his mobility and sensory as inflamation caused by the radiation of the avm site was on his left side of cerubum. We are also noticing deteriation of his memory recall which already he had short term problems. Doctor has told us due to the inflamation its affecting these areas and can hope strengthening and stimulating his body thru excercises it may settle rather than worsen. Acupuncture is great alternative would love tohear howyou find the treatment. Jenny (Chris’s Mum)

Yes I have it in my right arm. Can’t feel it. Botox was recommended, I didn’t try it.