Oct 7, 2006 - Nov 7, 2006 On this day 10 years ago I discovered I had an AVM in my head at the age of 10 years old. I am cured and a survivor but my battle is still not over and I am still fighting

I’m glad you’re here and still fighting!:persevere:

Me at the age of 10 back in 2000 I am also cured but ruff time for us10 year old right. The two other people in the picture are if I remember correctly Occupational therapist to the left physical therapist to the right me in the center.

Hi John

I just read your post on this AVM website. You said I believe it has been 10 years since AVM. It has been 57 years since my bleed and surgery in 1959. I was a kid, and lost much vision, was depressed, and felt like an alien. I feel now, looking back, that I am so thankful I am still here and lucky. I had a good but hard life because I lost my husband too early. Life went on. We had a son, now 36. And the best part is having a granddaughter now. She is 3. I wanted to give up long ago with no one to talk to, no one who knew what an AVM was/is, no understanding of my visual problems. But I am tough maybe because I had to be. You can, too.
Hope for the best. I do.