Of Seizures

I'm being treated for Temporal seizures; simple and complex, aware and absence. The 1st one(went undiagnosed)happened almost 5mos post embolization/craniotomy. In Novemember simple happened 1 or so bi-weekly. This Jan I went inpt for longterm video EEG and an absence seizure lasting 2 mins was recorded. I was already on Lamictal (which they believe initial delayed the onset of seizures)for mood disorder, the dosing has and is being increased steadily to a working level. It's a slow going process. I had a pretty severe one in April that landed me in the ER. Don't remember much of anything that happened during and for about 2-3 hrs post seizure. My Beau who has with me says I interacted with the medics, givng them my medical card and personal info. I work in healthcare and he said I even provdided my medical history in the same way I would present a patient during a clinic. I even told my Beau he shouldn't have called 911. I don't remember any of it.

Good thing he was there... :J

Hello my friend. Sorry you went thru all of this mess. I pray that you can find the right mix of meds. I am glad your Beau was there for you!!!