Omega3/ Fish oil... IT DOES HELP!

I started taking it today. I’m willing to give it a try. I will let you know how I feel.

That’s good to know, I know I have several dementia residents who take fish oil for different things, and I know my aunt is on it for something or other. Just a tip from my aunt, I’ve been told if you freez the fish oil you wont get the after taste as bad. :slight_smile:

wow sounds like a miracle pill :wink:

But isn’t fish oil a blood thinner and shouldn’t you stay away from blood thinners if you have an AVM?

Yes, Jacqueline, Omega-3/Fish Oil is a blood thinner (as is the case of most of the healthiest vegetables/foods, I have surprisingly learned) and is suppose to be very good for you; however, I found (through researching information on all this) that you can counter that natural blood thinning quality of these foods / supplements by adding natural ‘coagulant’ foods (which are foods high in Vitamin K - such as Romaine lettuce, etc.). Hope this helps!

jacqueline said:

But isn’t fish oil a blood thinner and shouldn’t you stay away from blood thinners if you have an AVM?

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this is so true, we all think that if we eat less fats, then better for us, we do however require fats in our system to survive, when competing i regularly consume omega rich products,(i also eat assorted nuts, very good too) not only good for the heart but vital for everyday functioning and you get the added bonus of the effects it has on the joints, they do actually help to lose weight, if you wanted to do that, that is. i use them over the summer whilst i ready for competition, though i would recommend taking daily. try it out!!

I started taking this recently because I have heard nothing but good comments about it. I have very high cholesterol 275 total and I don’t want to be on statins the rest of my life so I’m in beta testing right now. I’m going to give it 6 months and see what my cholesterol levels are then. From what I have heard omega3 has many benefits not just for the brain but also bones cartilage etc.

There are two acids in fish oils EPA/DHA. I researched them and from what I read EPA is the most potent blood thinner than DHA by itself, though very limited information on DHA lessening blood clotting. The DHA is what nourishes the brain and nervous system. So you can take it by itself at lower doses, no more than 1g a day. I have a lot of chronic inflammation and I’m trying to lower my cytokine levels and inflammation, because high inflammation effects the brain and cognitive functions, also causes depressions. I was using it in the past which helped me a lot, but I’m afraid now because of my AVM small bleed diagnoses.