Omg i finally used the excuse! lol

thanks to all you guys, i finally employed this line!

this morning i got into a tiff with someone close to me and here was the email exchange:


you really don't know what my problem is anymore?
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Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 9:10 AM
i really don't know what your problem is anymore.
FEELS SO GOOD! lol have any of you actually used the line? if so, what was your experience?
:) ashok

I have never said that to anyone before but I will remember to use it!!! AWESOME!!! Some people just don’t understand!!!

WOW…I have wanted to say that so many times but haven’t.!!

LOL I can’t say that since I didn’t have surgery. I need to come up with something. Hmm (?) ha ha

This made me chuckle. I must share (and I did feel just a little bit guilty, but only a little bit) what happened to me last weekend. I had taken my car in to be serviced, and, of course, being a woman, I guess the young shop manager thought he could just walk right over me. He was a very glib salesman, and was really getting me very annoyed trying to convince me of some things I needed to do to my car and how much it was going to cost me. No matter how much I tried to play it down, and say, maybe next week, he just wouldn’t have it any other way that I was really making a mistake. Well, I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck, but at the same time, I knew my surgery was coming up soon, and I wasn’t in the mood to try to make HIM feel better. I finally told him, "listen, sir, I’m having brain surgery next week, and I’ve got dr bills coming out the ‘ying yang’ and I can’t afford the money. If you can give me a better price, we’ll talk, but I can’t pay if I don’t have it. I could tell I shocked him, but by that time, I really didn’t care. All credit due, though, he did go discuss with his supervisor and came back with a much more ‘doable’ deal. He backed down a lot, and was more understanding after that. I’d never blurted anything like that out to a stranger before, and wished that I didn’t feel the need, but there I went. I saved a $100, so that helped my feelings. I know he was just doing his job, and I didn’t fault him for that, but sometimes I think big companies forget that their customers are real people, too. Anyway, didn’t mean to run on, but thanks for taking a stand for us all! I tell everyone that I’ll probably be easier to get along with when I get my problem resolved. Hope I’m not making false promises. lol Good luck! msg

How appropriate, Ashok!!! lol!

I've never said that to anyone, but have often thought of saying it (ha!ha!)

I have a few cafe press t-shirts with that saying on it, as well as buttons to get the point accross. :),91625863

THis is so funny. I have a standing joke with my best friend. She says I need to get full mileage out of my condition by behaving badly. I am going back to work next month. I work in a store dealing with customer issues. I often have horrible customers and have to take it as its not acceptable to have a go back. However, my friend thinks I should swear or be completely rude to them and follow it with...'I'm sorry I have a brain injury'. I feel I will need to employ this tactic at some point as I have deserved the right to! lol

Take care

XX Yvonne

Very cool, Ashok! I'm going to have to start using that one. That's a great line.

And I love the shirts Patti! I'm going to have to get one of those.