Once my avm is gone will my seizure be gone to?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering for those of you who had seizures that started after a treatment, did they stop once your avm was treated and gone? I have had 2 embolizations and 2 gamma knives. My seizures started right after the 1 st embolization, and I didnt realize I was having them till a few months after. That will be 4 years in May. So now that I'm getting closer to the avm being gone I was hoping I can also ditch the 2 seizure meds shortly after!!! Is this a possibilty???? We want to try for a 2nd child after the avm is gone and I dont want to risk being on the meds and being pregnant. I'm hoping that I can get off of them so scared as can be to have a grand mal once I'm off of the medicine. That is the thing that scares me the most. Any advice you guys have would be great thanks!!!


Hi Andrea,

Hate to say it, but it depends. Some go away, others don't. My wife's AVM showed up via seizures. Even though the AVM is gone, a followup EEG shows she still has abnormal electrical activity, so she still takes anti-S meds. Other's wean off the meds and are ok.

Most states (I think), if you have a seizure following a DR's order of ramping up/down on anti-S meds, it doesn't count against you driving. However, most also (and practically you should anyway) don't drive for several months while going off the meds to make sure they are ok.

It would be tragic more to be cured of the AVM, then kill yourself or others while trying to go off meds. I suggest you speak to your DRs and see what they say.

Hope this helps.

Ron, KS

Hi Ron,

Yes the info was def helpful and I totally plan on the Dr doing an EEG to make sure of what activity is going on! I orginally thought that I was just making up that I had the seizures but after the EEG showing abnormal activity it made me feel better, and to know that I wasnt crazy. So I would push for another one just to make myself feel better. I never had them before so hopefully I can be weaned off and be ok! Positive thoughts always help right lol....... Again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my case I only had seizures after my avm was removed because of a bad infection. So there is a chance. I have not had any in 5 years… And mine might have been more medication related too…

Hi Andrea, I didn't have any seizures for approx 13 yrs after my AVM was gone, no meds. So you may have many good years ahead. I know the fear of possibly having another Grand Mal, and the excitement of ditching the meds. My GM was caused by the remaining scar tissue. So, unfortunately, the possibility is always there, even years later. You should talk to your Dr about having another baby. My Dr told me that the risk with preganacy & AVM's is the increased blood volume. Definately safer once it's gone, just be sure the remaining blood vessels can handle it. I wish you all the best!