One week away

My 10 year old son goes in one week today (October 26) for his second embolization (AVM is located on the left tempural lobe) The last one was done about a month ago and they were only able to embolize half of it, he recovered incredibly from the first procedure (in fact we were discharged the following evening). He was in surgery(angiogram) for over 7 hours. His resection is schedule for October 28. He has been in good spirits and has been going to school. I think however, it is the out of site out of mind mentality.
Our concern is the day we have to go back to the hospital how he is doing to react? Has anyone had this experience of multiple embolizations…How do we get him through this???

At 10, he should be pretty aware of what is going on. I think I’d try to share an appropriate amount of detail about what it will take to make him all better.

I would also get him something special when he goes in, a book, music, a t shirt–anything that will show him that you really love him.

Best wishes to all of you.
Ron, KS

Its amazing how resiliant kids are. The only surgery Jake has had was when the haemorrhage happened so he knew nothing about it.
We had to go in for follow up angio and mri which was scary enough. Jake was very worried, but we were just really open with him about it. Made a big fuss of him, we went out for a family meal to his favourite pizza restaurant the night before he went in, as he wasnt allowed to eat after midnight. We took loads of distractions with us the day we went in.
I think Jacob will be ok as long as you try and remain positive and upbeat about it (easier said than done I know)and I think Ron’s idea about a special treat is a good one - that was our thinking with the big meal.
Good luck x

Kathy, Jacob will be in my thoughts & prayers!

Hello Kathy, All the very best to all of us. Thoughts & prayers will be with Jacob & the whole family.

Hello Kathy,

I’ve had two embolisations so far. I am 36…and I was scared a lot each time. But…presence of my husband helped me a lot. When my son went to hospital - any way he was much smaller then yours, we wnet with him to a store and bought him a mascot, that would protect him. I was allowed to come to surgery room and wait till he falled asleep. Kids have incredible recovering ability. I will pray for you and your son. Be in a good mood.

Hey Kathy,

I just love the mascot idea (thanks Magsw!) but all the ideas are great ones as well. I know your son is ten but I think it can only help. Give him the option (which I know you will) and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Show him lots of love (which I also know you’ll do) and at least he will know that he’s not alone on this journey. My thoughts will be with you both, best of luck and let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Yes I have, I wont sugar coat it, its a little rough, but worth it. Lots of love, support, hugs and kisses will help your son thru this. And the mascot is a great idea; it’s what got me thru all of my surgeries, procedures while battling cancer, chemo, and radiation (at 8-10 years of age).