One Year Anniversary

I wanted to share our miracle with everyone here. It has been one year today that Matt’s AVM ruptured. I am so blessed by what God has done over the past few years. Matt has been through so much over the past year, but all in all he is doing great. He has had 2 embolizations, and one radio surgery. Through out all of there procedure he has not had any side effects, except a couple of headaches after the first embolization. Thank you all for your support and your willingness to answer question and to make others feel welcome. My one piece of advice to anyone who is new here is don’t give up hope and trust in God. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions, there are so many helpful and supportive people here on this site and they all bring a wealth of knowledge and different experiences that are helpful. Thank you again for all of your support, we are patiently waiting for that one year mark after the radiation to see how well it worked, but looking back on what has gone on this past year, this next year of waiting should be pretty uneventful and that is something that I am looking forward to.


Dear Donna, your words are pretty much my word too. God bless! xxxooxxx

Donna, you’re right, this is a hard journey. But isn’t it amazing how everyone really pulls through??? No matter what complications come our way, we are all fighters. The patients, family, friends, all of us are facing this tough road and the courage and strength of those that surround us patients…well I know we couldn’t make this journey with them.
I’m glad to hear Matt is doing well, and the time will fly by quickly (I hope) for that all important check up!

congratulations on the one year milestone and may the rest of matts life be full of health, happieness, love and joy …best wishes to you bothxxxx

Hi Donna,

I would like to add my congratualtions on Matt’s one-year milestone. Hope you and Matt have a great week.