One year since bleed

So this week one year ago I had my first bleed and learned what and avm was. I am surprised how a day/week brings up so many emotions and memories. I just wanted to thank the avm community for your support.

Glad you are here!

Ron, KS

You can’t help but be emotional on such an anniversary. My 3 year is in about 2 weeks.

the first anniversary is definitely the most emotional. I remember mine...

My 4th is soon, exactly 1 month away.

Hi Katie,

So glad you survived and are here to tell us about and let us share your anniversary.

The first anniversary of my bleed was very emotional for me. Each anniversary since has been as well, but none as much as that first one.

I've had 8 anniversaries now, with another coming up in September.

Here's to surviving AVM! *cheers*

congrats on your one yr., and heres to many more!!