Ongoing Confusion and blindness after embolization

On May 18th my niece had a embolization (glue) performed. Unfortunately she was one of the 5% that experienced the glue migrating into a area it wasn’t meant to go into causing a stroke. She now has homonamous Heminsia, which as you know her peripheral vision on the right side of both eyes is gone along with upper and lower. The AVM isn’t visible now, but the doctor says the glue isn’t going to last too long. So far the surgeon is planning on using the Cyber knife procedure in the near future. She was today, 05/27 transferred to the inpatient rehabilitation unit. As of today, her short term memory is all but gone. It’s been 4 weeks today that the nightmare first began. We’re all very worried about her lack of short term memory. How can she benefit from rehab of she can’t remember instructions? Doctor said her vision could possibly improve but told us not to expect anything miraculous. It all looks very bleak to us. A beautiful, intelligent girl of 30 years old, now unable to remember even the most simple things. Any and all encouraging information would be very much appreciated. My sister (her mom) is staying strong, but I can tell is horrified of the unknown future for her precious daughter.
Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read and respond.

A good rehab therapist can help retrain a person how to remember things. Many people that suffer from strokes lose their short term memory. Some of the vision may improve once the swelling goes down but there is no sure guarantee. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks Helena. At this point I believe that prayer is all we have to turn to. I have a strong belief in prayer.

Thank you so very much!

Memory loss is quite common. Following my bleed and crani my memory was horrible. 7 years later it is much improved. I do still find times when someone will say we talked about something and I have no memory of the conversation. Your niece is still early in the recovery from her procedures. Her memory will most likely improve a lot. I've have homonymous hemianopia since my bleed. My vision has not improved but it also hasn't gotten worse. I've learned to adjust fairly well. Overall, it's not the worst thing that could happen. Best wishes to your niece!