Onyx treatment

Hi I remember seeing something mentioned about a new treatment using “onyx” or something like that. It was definitely mentioned on this site but I can’t find where. Can anyone help me please? Thank you!!

What’s your question about it ?

What is it, is it used to treat avms and how does it work?

My AVM was corrected using onyx, a glue-like substance. They went up through my femoral artery and blocked off the AVM. I just saw on this website that someone mentioned a new glue-like substance. I cant find it now. Hope this helps.

It is a plastic mass that is liquid when stored and will solidify permanently when exposed to blood.
Onyx(c) is used to treat AVMs (despite other uses e.g. emergency management of bleedings or preoperative prevention of bleeding during surgery)
How it works:
It is injected into the malformed blood vessels in order to exclude them permanently from circulation. This can be done intraarterially through a catheter, usually through an incision of the groin or percutaneously (through the skin).
This process is called embolisation. It can be done as a single approach or combined using other methods like excision (surgical removal), radiation etc. depending on the individual AVM (localization etc.).

In greater detail: It consists of 3 parts:
* The actual embolic substance. Chemical name: Ethylene-Vinyl-Alcohol-Copolymer (EVOH).
* It is stored in solution in the organic solute DiMethylSulfOxide (DMSO).
* Tantalum powder is mixed in to provides radiopacity (so the stuff is seen in xray during angiography. The plastic alone is not dense enough.)

The DMSO holds the single molecules (aka monomers: Ethylene and Vinyl-Alcohol) seperately. When the substance is injected into blood the DMSO washes away and the monomers will react to form a solid substance.
As opposed to other embolic agents like glues, EVOH is less liquid so it is easier to control it during injection.

This shiny 3d marketing movie from the manufacturer explains the procedure of Onyx (c) embolisation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08fHaOY4Fq8

I think wikipedia has something on it, too.

Thanks for the replies

Hi Linda, My daughter whose 7 has a facial AVM, and has had two embolizations with Onyx, it seems to have slowed down the growth, and is probably the best agent out there at the moment for treating AVMs although it is not perfect as the intensely black colour of the liquid hinders viewing under x ray if further procedures are required. I am in touch with various researchers who are looking at lighter options, but that is still a few years away.

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