Overlywhelmed from THE WORK

Hi everyone, my name is Vivian. Had an avm and had it removed about 8 years ago. A year after that had 2 seizures. It’s now controlled since i’ve been on Trileptal…a real small dosage. My questions is really this. Can I get a seizure if i’m feeling overly whelmed from work. I’m exhausted mentally and physically from work and just really stress. But lately i’ve been taking Klonopin (same family as Xanax)…which is calming me down a lot, but I still feel exhausted.

Any feed back. If it’s possible, then obviously i really want to reconsider my job and industry.

Thanks for your help!!!

geeting run down…tired and stressed can all trigger a siezure…take it easy and take care of yourself

I have had a few seizures after being stressed about something, so this can be a trigger, stay calm.
Take care;

Vivian, yes. As the purpose of anti-seizure meds is to keep a balance in there and not allow a part to become “overwhelmed” and cause havock . Physical and psychological stress are powerful enemies and they feed off of each other and can beat at us until we are completely exhausted. Unfortuneately the meds to combat these can have the same tiring affect.
If you “think” this stems from stress and being overwhelmed than it PROBABLY IS. No one knows you as well as you do Vivian. You may need to re-assess…

Heck yeah seizures can be triggered by stress and exhaustion! I had numerous simple partial seizures before my surgery. I was placed on Dilantin for a few months afterward, then weened off anti-seizure meds. I was fine for a few months, then Christmas hit and I had all sorts of get-togethers to attend, was surrounded by people, was getting short of sleep, etc. On December 23rd, we went to visit my wife’s family, which required spending the night due to the distance from our home. That night, I did not sleep well… Almost none at all. On Christmas Eve, we had to drive back home, which involved driving over 100 miles through Southern California… Through Christmas Eve traffic! Then we had to meet with my family, which involved having between 30 to 40 people in a single house. I woke up Christmas morning and felt OK for the most part, but was having odd sypmtoms. For example, food didn’t taste quite right, and had almost a metallic flavor. I was also in sort of an odd mood. I jumped back and forth between being cranky and being overly bubbly. I was almost manic-depressive (which I’m traditionally not). That night, after driving home and carrying some heavy gifts up to out apartment and started feeling “off.” A few minutes later, I had a pretty nasty grand mal seizure. This was the first, and so far only grand mal seizure I have ever had. Granted, I am back on medications now to prevent it from happening again, but I am confident that the stress and lack of sleep were the two main contributing factors (aside from the surgery itself) in triggering the seizure.

We were told to not skip meals, don’t get overly tired, and lay off the alcohol. I think any one of these is bad for people with seizures. For Chari, not eating and being tired always triggered seizures.

ron, ks

Thank you guys!!! It really means a lot to me that so many strangers care and help!!! It’s amazing what we can do to help each other. Thank you again for everyone of your comments. PEACE and LOVE!!!

On the topic of seizures…my husband is on 750mg of Keppra 4x a day and 600 of Trileptal 2x a day. He was seizure free from March 08 to December 08. He was put on generic Keppra (by insurance company) about a week and a half before his December seizure. Dr. says thats probably what caused it. Now he is back on the name brand so hopefully he will continue to be seizure free. Just a caution, I’m not sure if this is the norm but I was pretty upset about it.

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been taking Klonopin…even though it’s 1mg per day…i think it’s slightly calming me down…but work is still extremely stressfull…i am trying extremely hard to take it easy…but occasionally I do see stars or even lights being to bright…don’t know if these are symptoms or not…i remember them being when I had my seizure a few years ago…but so far nothing has happened to me when I think i’m seeing these things or feeling these things…am I going crazy or am I just trying to find an excuse to leave my job…WHICH I WISH I CAN DO, but can’t… : (

This was very helpful to me. I am struggling with the same issues. Stress at work and my health. Helps me to know that I am not alone. Hard to leave a job that I have had for so long and admit that it is too much for me but it is definitely hurting my health. No one understand the effects of an avm unless you have one. How tired and confused you get with stress. Thank you all for sharing .!

No your not crazy. Work and life itself can be stressful. I have had most of my seizures at work. Only 3 outside of work. One when I over did it exercising, another out trying to find an outfit to wear to my high school reunion( got really stressed because I couldn’t find anything ), and one at Lowe’s for no reason at all. All of mine have been grand mal’s. I have had 15 to date as well as all kinds of strange feelings, crying spells, heart speeding up all of the sudden for no reason. Very embarrassing to say the least.

Not to be a complete nay-sayer, but there is no medical evidence that stress brings on seizures. https://www.epilepsy.com/learn/triggers-seizures/stress-and-epilepsy

Now, does managing stress help manage chronic conditions, including seizures? Absolutely. I’m just saying that so far there has been no definitive link between these two specific thins. Largely that seems to be because stress is a highly personal thing and many factors contribute to it.

It seems to be a “chicken or the egg” sort of thing. And also a “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” sort of thing. Medically there has been no clear, reproducible connection made but generally speaking people who control their personal stress have better medical control of their life.


A lot of the times they happen when I am really happy. But the times I get over whelmed I have to ask someone else to take over. Maybe trying to do too many things at one time?

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