Overwhelmed at the love I got at my survival anniversary dinner

Celebrated my survival anniversary with my parents and a few friends who have really been there this past year… I didn’t expect gifts! But I was so incredibly touched by their thoughtfulness and generosity. :slight_smile:

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Congrats to you. The best gift is knowing others view this AVM is a big and important aspect of your life.

Congratulations to u i bet it’s been a tough journey as we r just getting ready for radiation treatment and not sure what to expect after hopefully he gets SSI and SSD no source of income on our welfare medical insurance thank goodness for that and food stamps too but I have to pay for all other expenses and it caused issues with us

It is good to have friends and family that understand and support you.
I didnt know how to react on my 1 year survival day…happy to be alive and with my family; but saddened by how much my life has changed; cant drive, cant work but it could have been so much worse so I am grateful.

So cool!

That’s great support! And great gifts, too! We are very lucky to have such people behind us, aren’t we?

:tada: Well done on year 1! :tada: