Pain everyday

when i was in 1st grade i had a surgery that messed my foot up more they thought it was a hemangioma (i think thats how you spell it) and a plastic surgeon did a surgey and graphed skin from my thigh to my foot. since that surgery my foot has been making it hard for me to just stand on my foot for a long period of time. i have been to doctors at vanderbilt here in nashville and they have a couple options but both wind up with a 50% chance of them amputating my foot. so my dad refused the surgey and left it alone that happened when i was 16 before i became pregnant. now i am 19 and it still hurts and swells up everyday i always have horrible migrains and i can never walk around bare foot (or my dad will get really mad at me) i had another ultrasound on my foot with the avm a few months ago when i hurt my ankle and it has been getting worse and is still getting worse. i dont know any doctors here in nashville that might be able to find another answer...

I know you Ashley…I have pain too much every day.Same problem on my left arm :(( Realy sorry.I don’t now what can I do ? …:frowning:

I Hope everything Goes well we you. My store is a little difference from your but similar. I was going to get surgery on my lip when I was about 19 But I knew in my heart that my lip had a unusual pulse or a rhythmical throbbing sound or feel to it. So I told the doctor no. When I got older if the doctor was unsure I said no until I hear about a Doctor in Denver in 2001 and later on after doing my research on him I flew to Englewood, CO in 2006. I hate when Doctor’s mostly plastic surgery want tell you the true. If a doctor sound unsure or have no facts say no. However, some will just take your money or insurance and say good bye. When, I flew to Englewood CO Dr. Yakes said wow Thank God NO ONE TOUCH YOUR LIP and FACE. I hope you feel better and ever thing work out for you.

Not sure if you would be willing to come to Charlotte, NC. Dr. Brian Brighton studied at Children’s Boston VAC under Dr. Kasser and is now at CMC. He knows vascular and is who we see with my son.

thank you for the info