Pains after Embolisation

Hi there.

I had my second onyx embolisation of a large left temporal lobe AVM on 27th January and all seemed to go well. The AVM is now half the size. Another embolisation or so to go.

Its only less than a few weeks since the embolisation and I still have sore pains in my head. After the first I got back to normal fairly quickly without any pains - mind, I was on stronger tablets in hospital and had longer to rest with it being Christmas.

Should I be concerned about the pain and mention it to the consultant, or am I worrying too much? :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I think any concern you have should be brought up! I had pain for weeks after my embo.

Hi Chris,

It’s probably different for everyone–my husband remembers having some severe headaches after his second embolization, a few months after the first.

It’s quite possibly nothing to worry about, but why not call the doctor? If it’s something you need to treat, you’ll want to start treating it soon, and if it’s nothing, let the doctor set your mind at ease.

I hope your pains go away soon!

Thank you for the replys.

The pains are starting to diminish so I’m going to give it another few days and then see the doctor if they are continuing. I’m trying to take things a bit easier rather than flying about! The cold weather doesn’t seem to help either.

How are you doing Jamie, and hows your husband JH?