Parenting post-rupture

Note: parenting post crani has many challanges, among my least favorite is the in-ability to raise only 1 eybrow while arguing with teenagers!! A useful and direct parenting tool!!

I raise my eyebrow at my students. I was lucky. I raise my left eyebrow. Crani incision was on the right side, so I can still do it! I was so excited to discover this over the summer!

Perfect! This gives me hope! My crani was on the right as well! I will work on that left eyebrow! But I do believe previously it was my right side I raised but with the incision on that side, I think my attempts to get that eyebrow in motion are unlikely! However, this is still great news that something can be done! And you're a teacher! So the raised eyebrow is Absolutely necessary for you! As much as it is for me--being a mom of teenagers!

I've never been able to rise the right eyebrow by itself, so it didn't make a difference in that for me.