Partial Complex Seizures

I have had these “weird” feelings I have never been able to explain. The only way I could describe them was a deja vu/homesick type feeling. They said I had partial complex seizures and I was put on medication for awhile. I am no longer on medication for them and maybe get one once a month. Hopefully after my 2nd surgery I wont have them anymore. Anyway, my question is has anyone else ever experienced these before and have you been able to explain them. They totally make me feel insane and the fact I cant really verbally describe them has always been for me.

Sounds VERY familiar! I believe my neurologist classified mine as “simple partial” seizures, but they certainly have a familiar list of symptoms. Back when I first started having trouble and thinking something must be wrong, I was having MAJOR headaches, but for a while before the headaches started I was having an unusual list of symptoms that I couldn’t quite explain either. I would have these symptoms multiple times per week. Sometimes they showed up for no reason, but more often than not originated from a stressful situation, either physical or emotional. The way I always described them was that they started with a very sudden deja vu feeling, my face would get a little warm and start tingling a bit, then my stomach would feel like I was going down on a very fast elevator. I’d feel a bit nauseated and I’d lose my concentration and if I was saying something to someone, I’d either forget what I was saying or have a hard time finishing what I was saying. Sometimes, I’d feel like I was getting just a bit of tunnel vision… Specifically, I could still focus on things, but they felt like they were more distant than they really were and it almost felt like I was looking forward, but from the back of my head, almost as if they sunk into my head a few inches. The whole thing would last for no more than a couple of minutes and I’d be fine.