Paying those bills

I’m not the first to have their life turned upside down by a poxy AVM.
If you worked to pay the bills before your health problems, how do you pay the bills now.
I don’t want to loose my house because of this poxy AVM, so need ideas that have worked for others, to increase their bank balances.

A poxy AVM, is a polite way to describe an AVM that has no right being there. I figure people might not like F…king, or Bl…dy AVM.

I was a Quality Mentor for a large telecommunications contractor, who lost their contract in my area, and have since been made redundant.
The new contractor may take me on, however, the earliest thats going to happen is June 2010 as I had a seizure in June this year, and no driving until then.

Not to forget my unknown recovery time, after my operation this month.


If some of those cost are related to prescriptions, Partnership for Prescription Assistance might be able to help. They paid for one of my daughter’s prescriptions when she was a college student with no health insurance. I also ran across an article in teh latest Woman’s Day of jobs people can do from home. I don’t have the article with me, but I’ll make an additional post when I find the magazine.

Right now, here is Partnership for Prescription Assistance link:

Best wishes,