Pelvis avm

does anyone know of anyone who has avm the same place as casie she is my daughter

I was recently diagnosed with avm in my pelvis also. So far they haven’t scheduled a treatment yet but say they will soon. I was curious about what symptoms she was experiencing. The doctor I went to told me only a couple in Cincinnati had what I have.

I wanted you to know that she is in my prayers too.

try this link

Thank you Gordon.

Gordon D said:

my daughter is always in so much pain she has been in the hospital 3 weeks now in pain level of 10 4 bleeds in 3 weeks one of them was a little over 2 liters i pray for you and what ever you do get ahold a this before it gets ahold of you. they put something like a upadural in casie today we have to wait to see if it gonna help they cannot and will not do surg they say she only has 20% chance of living if they did so they willnot do it