People make me mad!

I was at school and I went to lunch, well iam in a wheel chair so people keep telling me that im faking it until they see my foot because i wore flip flopps today and usually i can just ignore them but i was sitting in my wheel chair and eating lunch and these people come by and look at my leg and go EWWWWWWW tha is so discusting why is your foot so big and blue? i couldnt handle it and started to cry i never cry but im so sick of people saying that

That must have been frightening! Make sure to call your doctor and tell him/her about this, Christa!

Christa people can be so mean. I am so sorry they did that to you.You just stand up to them. Next time they do that to you …Tell them you are glad they are so lucky to be perfect…they wont know what to say !! Don’t let them know it bothers you. TAKE CARE

Dear Christa, unfortunately we live in a world of IGNORANT PEOPLE (sometimes it helps, if you know the person, to explain to them , only if you want, this helps people be more educated about things they dont know about. it is OK to cry (especially if you dont do it often.) it is hard to say, ignore them, it is hard to say anything to help you feel better. you will have days when you come across horrible, ignorant, despicable people like that, it amazes me how humans have become (so self centred). we just have to rise above them, turn to Friends and loved ones. we are here for you too, anytime you need us.
take care and BE STRONG, like you already are. im here for you xxx

There are some uneducated people out there that just have to say rude and mean things to hurt other peoples feelings. Sadly this will probably happen a lot. Try not to let it bother you…even tho I know it is hard. But we are all here for you and understand what it is like to have avm. Keep your chin up…lol and refrain from Kicking some BUTT!

Christa, some people are just plain mean, rise above them if you can - i know it’s easier said then done, but you are the better person.
Keep you chin up and keep keeping on, take care.