Piracetam to good to be true! Medicine for myoclonic attacks, fatigue, and loss of memory?

Piracetam to good to be true! Medicine for myoclonic attacks, fatigue, and loss of memory ?

What experience have you with anticonvulsants?

This is mine:

Since my embo, I have tried different medicines for my seizures, but with various degree of help. Otrifil (Natriumvalproat), Rivotril (Clonazepam), Trimonil retard (Carbamazepine, same as Tegretol), Stesolid (Diazepam) and Piracetam (Nootropil).

They wanted me to start taking Topamax (Topiramate), but I did not want to loose more weight or the ability to find words, as they told me was the most likely side effects.

Instead I have started to take Piracetam, which has the opposite effect, and was recommended by a neurologist who experienced one of my myoclonic attacks.

Rivotril seemed to be the best one to prevent seizures (partial type), but did not help for my hyperekplexia (exaggerated startle reflex), which also can provoke a myoclonic attack.

Having said that. I started taking Clonazepam shortly after embo, but did not start to get myoclonic attacks before I stopped taking Rivotril, 6 months after...

Stesolid, I only use acute (or someone else gives it to me rectally) under a myoclonic attack, it helps to shorten the attack, (or prevent me from being dragged to the hospital again) the seizure can otherwise last between 20 min to an hour, or more!

Physical movements and stress often trigger an attack, both the short partial ones that can last 2-5 minutes but especially the myoclonic attacks. Sometimes I get them several times in a day or up to 10 a month (!) it all depends on what I am doing.

Any noisy environment with lots of people (more than 10?) can trigger an attack, because sudden movements, noise or people bumping into me, provokes my hyperekplexia, which can cause me to fall and sometimes start a myoclonic attack with dystonia.

This makes life difficult outside my front door! The ambulance helicopter has been called for three times during the last six months (when I was not already in hospital)!

I only take Piracetam at the moment, (that feels great :))) - which is a nootropil, a nutrient to the brain, it crosses the blood brain barrier and stimulates oxygen absorption to the brain tissue.

It is therefore wonderful for fatigue. (I can now swim twice as much as I could without!)

It is also known to be specific for myoclonus attacks caused by hypoxia, which is one of the type of seizure I have today. It is to early to tell if it has an effect on my seizures, since I only just started taking it, but so far it seems to be doing me good:)

It is a so called "smart drug", because the increased oxygen uptake is believed to help you remember, and give you more energy, so it is great for students, like myself, hopefully, so it seemed at least during my last exam :)))

I will update the effect of Piracetam on my seizures after trying it for a while...