Plastic surgeon said AVM...worried

Hello. Today I went to a plastic surgeon to have a “lipoma” removed. It was small and on my forehead but I didn’t like the appearance and was told my doctors it’s a simple procedure. During the excision the plastic surgeon found it was not a lipoma. He mentioned avm and said he would send it to pathology. He ended up having to cauterize to stop bleeding. I am really worried now and don’t really understand what could be going on. He said I would be fine and just wait for pathology which can take a week:(. Any advice or similar situations?


Welcome to AVM survivors! It’s great that you joined us, though it would be better under nicer circumstances. I think it is fair to say there are a number of people who have gone in for one procedure to discover an AVM, to go through the shock of “what on earth is that?!”

So, have you learnt what an AVM is? If it were internal to your head, it might be dangerous. It sounds from the simple fact that it was mistaken as a lipoma that it is pretty external but I would guess that one of the next things will be to have an MRI to have a look and see how extensive it appears to be.

Everyone here has an AVM or has a friend or relative with one, so as you have any questions, we can help you through. I think my recommendation to you at this point would be to ask about having an MRI or CT scan to have a look at what you’ve got.

Very best wishes