Please dont give up

Hey my dear friends. I'm back after a long time ... almost two years. Two years with bad and good times. Two more years in my life ... with AVM and .... So I am back to share with you my moments,my thoughts, my Feelings ... my life

On 8th of October I wrote for last time the following post

Hi my dear friends
I am back with more news about me after many many many days. You can't imagine what happened to me .... I leave a nightmare and then a small mirecle.
I am going back 10/09/2014 .... I was so happy and I was feeling so good ... as I have less pain and my leg was better so I decided 10 of September to visit my doctor for medical exams. I make medical exams olso for aneurysm I have in my leg. Hopefully the results are perfectand I was so happy UNTIL I return to my home.
When I return (with taxi) and while I was walking out of the taxi with my Crutches Ι stumbled and fell down with breakage in my good leg and fracture in my amputated leg.
I can not describe you the pain .... it was a nightmare .... exept the pain I have my amputated leg bleeding ... I lost my world my faith my life and I said to my self ''this is the end''.
I went by ambulance in the nearest hospital with those terrible pain all over my body and the bleeding leg. I stay in the hospital 20 days and I return back home the day before yesterday. .... MY STORY continues

It was one ot worst period in my life ....the worst months of my life .... as my amputated broken leg (leg fracture) was severely painful and swollen. My situation remains uncertai and my future was unstable .....