Please help me to get know about the recovery of AVM survivor

My cousin had an AVM on left side. Dr. suggested to perform the embolization. During the embolization his veins rupture which lead to open surgery for 3--4 hours which caused stroke on right side of his body. He was in recovery for 4 days and then ICU for next few days. This all happened on 8th of Aug. A month and 15 days has been passed. Day by day we are getting improvement like; he is getting normal sleep now for 12 hours in night and 2 hours in day. Start taking normal food but his right body is very weak. Physiotherapy is in progress and we are getting little improvement. He lost his speech after the surgery but from last one week he got his speech back. He is 26, married and a sweet 1 year old girl.

We are worried about his memory. As he remembers most of the things and he recognize to all his relatives but few often he start treating like he don’t remember anything. He is chartered accountant by profession but if we asked him about his job, he doesn’t remember much. Few often he starts talking totally irrelevant. We are so much concern regarding his mentally health. Is this happen in AVM bleed recovery or in stroke?? How long approximately it will take to get him back into normal life. He is not taking any medicine. Doctor suggested that he will regain everything by time. We have observed that he can even read with big fonts. We need support if anyone has been into same situation please share his/her experience.
Main concern Is about his mentally health as he is not normal after 45 days.

Thanks a lot for your reply. what I have extracted from your reply is "It will take time to heal every thing" I wish to see him normal again. Thanks Again!!!

This is such a sad story for such a young person with a young family. I thank God he recognizes his family especially his child & wife.

Please understand this takes time to recover and so far it sounds like he is doing well. I would say that the stroke has caused this and seeing as he is young and the doctors think he will recover in time then this is a blessing.

God bless and keep supporting him. Its family like you that keep the ppl that have undergone this trauma strong and positive, which is important.

It is hard to deal with trying to recover, I know you want it to happen right away, I wanted it to happen with myself, and I wanted it to happen for my friend when he had brain surgery, it takes a while for our bodies to repair itself, but know that it sounds like he is making significant progress. Just give him a lot of support, try and continue doing it without medication, and he will soon return to his family and baby stronger. His memory may not fully return, there may be some things that he struggles with but I hope that most of the things come back to him, if all of the AVM is gone, he will be able to function like a normal person again, just give him time :hug: <3. Stay strong and don't give up

I understand your concern and wanting to help your cousin. Like the others have said, it takes a long time for the brain to heal. Short term memory loss is one of the most common effects of a bleed. He will most likely continue to improve, but please don't expect him to be exactly like he was before this happened, to be "normal" again. He suffered a devastating injury to the most vital organ in his body. He needs support from his friends and family. He needs continued therapy. Most of all, he needs patience both from himself and from all of his family. He may never be the way he was before the bleed but that doesn't mean he can't or won't improve. Time will tell. Considering that he just had a bleed 45 days ago, I'd say he's making remarkable progress!

I agree Trish :-)

Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Ark. Oh my…45 days recovery is nothing for the brain. Unfortunately the brain heals SLOWLY. However, it can heal. If anyone has a Kindle in your family…I would recommend a book Rebooting My Brain by Maria Ross. True story and she gives a very good description of how frustrating and difficult it is to recover from a brain injury. Patience and perseverance. Your cousin is now on my prayer list!

you are welcome ;)

i was 18 - lost the power of speech, had to start almost from scratch. Took me about 5 years for me to be reasonably happy to talk to strangers, etc. Im never the same person tho - i will never get the speech back perfect.

So it takes time, as others have said here. He may never be the exactly the same peron - hes had brain damage.....but the brain can re-develope and compensate. ie, if u had the right hand damaged in accident - u retrain on the left. That takes a long time, but u can re-do it. And thats similer to the brain. just takes many, many months, or even years........

Dear Carrie: How you are dealing with your short term memory problem. Any suggestion to improve the short term memory problem ??

I am so glad that you got your speech back :-) I know what it is like to deal with the struggle at such a young age, I hope that you have become strong and independent from your experience

It takes time. Everyone is different. My son had brain bleed on Jun 5th and he was very confused. His first 2 weeks he never knew he was in the hospital. He would get very agitated thinking he was at home and all these people (doctors and nurses) were in HIS house. He talked a lot of nonsense then too. He didn't know the daytime from the night. He slept most of the day when we were there and was very active at night(wanting to get dressed and go to work). He really gave the nurses a hard time at night. But then he was transferred to another hospital for inpatient therapy. It was there that they had him doing therapy most of the day and he would sleep through the night from sheer exhaustion. He started eating better there too. He made a complete recovery with the exception of some short term memory issues and peripheral vision loss. He had surgery on July 11th and was able to return to work 3 weeks later.
You have to be patient and give the brain time to heal. Trust me when you see your son not knowing where he is, you think will he ever get better? But he did-it just takes time. So hang in there.

Wonderful advice Diane :-)

Everyone's recuperation is different, but it does take time to heal mentally and physically. My brother has been in the hospital since June and has undergone so many procedures and has been in the icu several times. In addition to his avm rupture, he had a build up of fluid in the brain and needed a shunt placed. Before the shunt he was hallucinating, confused, totally not himself. I dont know what is going on with your cousin, but just being hospitalzed for so long can make you a little confused. Once my brother got his shunt placed and adujusted, his mental status improved immensly. Maybe that is something the physicians can look into for your cousin and rule out fluid build up in his brain.
I wish your family the best. Hope your cousing gets better soon.

I am so glad your brother has improved ;)