Please help

on monday i went for my first angiogram and they didnt find good news. In march i had a cluster of three masses removed but the lrgest mass had returned and was still fast flowing and was large again. But they found something new another avm on my spine. The used the alcohol agent to try to stop the large one on my head9 they said it may not work) but they can’t do anything at this time with the spine one because its effecting the communication in my brain and they dont want to cause any more trouble then ive already am having. since the embo i have been having lound popping noises in my left ear and the pain down my spine is so bad i can barely walk at times (along with my memory loss, migraines, confussion and seeing spots) is this normal?

When in doubt call the hospital or go into emerg. After my first angio I had a crazy light show for several days as a result
of the dye. I also had trouble healing and massive bruising at my incision for my femoral artery. That caused lots of discomfort and odd sensation
in my leg and groin. Sorry I couldn’t offer more insight. Be well :slight_smile:

Remember that you have the right to look around for a second opinion. It’s possible that another doctor has had previous cases that will help him/her recognize what’s going on with your situation and figure out how to help, or that he/she will know a way of working on your spine AVM.

I had an AVM from T-3 to C-3 in my spinal column and my doctor in Arizona was able through 3 Angiograms map and seal the AVM shut.