Please pray

This past week has been a difficult one. My younger sister, Abbey, was admitted to the hospital. What appeared as blood poisoning shortly after Thanksgiving needed a round of antibiotics which left her extremely ill. She lost the ability to urinate and after ruling out the kidney and liver as causes doctors seem set on a neuralgic condition. My mind can’t help but to jump to the worst, which in my view is an AVM or tumor. She is only two weeks away from her 18th birthday, and I can’t help but to think that it in unfair for any family to have two children struck down sick. When I am gaining strength, she should not be falling ill. I can’t stand watching my parents right now as they relive the first MRI, the ultrasound, the EEG, the hospital couch. It seems overwhelming and I’m simply hoping Abbey gets well and doesn’t face the long term challenges of a diagnoses similar to AVM. Thanks for reading. Don’t know who else would understand where I was coming from.


What a scary situation for your family. I’m sure it is tough on your parents, but they made it through all of this with you, they will do it again! (Nobody should have to though…)
It seems unlikely that an AVM would hit twice in the family, but who knows with these things. I sincerely hope that is not the case for Abbey.
How long until they have an idea if it is AVM related? I hope the wait is short and that there are answers at the end of all the test.
Hang in there, be stong for your parents! We will be keeping your family in our thoughts.


OMG. You are right that your parents must be going thru so much in dealing with another child being ill. Please let us know how she is doing daily. My thoughts are with you.

Abbey is in my prayers:) stay strong and let us know how she is doing ok:)

Chelsea, I am thinking of your sister and your family. How scary for your parents to go through this again. Hopefully it will be something easily fixed. Let us know.

Chelsea…I’m praying for Abbey to be diagnosed and cured soon. I’m also praying for you and your parents…it’s got to be agonizing watching her suffer and reliving your own terrible time. Please keep us updated on Abbey’s condition.