Please take a second and read my 11/22 discussion


Is this it Beansy?

You are right it only takes a few seconds to read it, but took me 3 minutes to find it----

Both the good and bad news of how successful this site is that a post will come on the site, and very shortly is several pages back. If you miss a day or two and don't go back several pages to where you last read, you will miss many posts.

I sorta hesitate to say this, but another way to bring your posts back to the top is reply to your own post with added information. That makes it easier for everyone rather than requiring everyone to do a search. Not yelling at you or anything, but a lot of folks, me included, aren't usually inclined to do a lot of effort to go search for something that we don't the value of (to us). And of course, doing this more than a few times probably wouldn't endure you to most members.

Hope this helps, and YES, happy Thanksgiving!

Ron, KS

Hi Beansy-I’m glad that Ron posted the link b/c I couldn’t find it. I usually read the first post then scan the other titles on the home page and respond to those that I can especially relate to.

Happy Thanksgiving-a little late-but that’s kind of how I roll now.