Pls listento this (re: 'i should wear a sign' thread)

OMG I JUST SAW THAT THREAD! (i know im late to the party but thats how it goes lol)

can i just say..this is FABULOUS to read!!!

i have shared every single one on these moments, and believe me, living in NYC makes it extra tuff! you bump into someone here you almost get knifed lol) it would be so cool to have a sign that explains it. i have had a couple of job interviews where i use the toilet and have no idea how to get back to the interviewer's office. of course s/he thinks i am a complete idiot and doesnt even understand anything that happened! the funniest/worst is in airports. i already look like a terrorist, being indian american and all) so when i walk through the detectors and the sound goes off cuz of the titanium in my head i have so much security nonsense to deal with, the guards come have me take off my shoes and more. i should start going nude, i swear. luckily im workin out so i can look like a stripper lol

i want you all to go here and listen to tHIS:

go to-

brain injury survivors network
Episode: "I Have a Dream-Our Civil Rights Movement"
February 17, 2011 show
(i APPEAR 31:10)

it's me talking about everything this thread mentions. listen to it -- plus you can hear my voice!! :)

What a remarkable man!   To run 4,000 miles to bring awareness will definitly gather peoples attention.  I wish him all of the luck in the world to succeed in his endeavor.


I believe there is a card that explains that you have metal in your body. Ok so side not you go off in the airport security? I once took a girlfriend to court and was disappointed that I didn’t go off! I have this great story about how I am part of a highly classified special ops team for the government and took down the lone gunman in an assassination attempt. You know because brain surgery just isn’t cool enough. :slight_smile:

love that story!