Post AVM surgery issues & Keppra

I started getting seizures which were never before with me.
Now I am on seizure medication much worried about long time use of seizure medications specifically Kepra which is causing my memory very short and very slow.
Will it make me dimentia patient in the old Age.
Any input from my fellow members plz.

There are plenty of different seizure medications out there that you could take I was on two different medications before I finally found the right one for me! My AVM ruptured in 1992.

What medicine u r using now?


I can say that Keppra seems to be the most widely used seizure management drug used by people on here. I don’t know about its long term effects but it may well be much better than having regular seizures. It is worth reviewing with your doctor from time to time (like, each year or two) whether medicines are still needed.

I also understand that when you first start using Keppra, it is very difficult but i believe you get more used to it and life becomes more normal.

I hope we have plenty of folk here who can share their experience.

Very best wishes


Thanks for sharing experience, I will keep following up with doctor if any noticeable side effects.

I’ve been taking 1500 mg of Keppra twice a day since 2000. I will admit it takes a long time to get used to it. To me it took a full year until my body got used to the medication but have gone over 10 years without having a seizure. I am able to drive because of that pill.

Aicha had a hard time getting balanced on the Keppra, it worked for a while. She also used CBD cream and pills to help. I hope you are able to get your balsnce and have success. Prayers

Thanks sir.

Very encouraging to me to carry on combination of 750 mg of Kepra and 400 mg of Carbamazepine twice a day.

Any comments plz.

My doctors wanted to put me on Keppra because they “thought I might be having mini seizures”. I read up on the medicine and decided since they were not even sure I was having seizures I would not take it. My GP suggested Diazepam which would help if I was have mini seizures, plus because of pain issues from 2 hip replacements and a shoulder replacement I take the one tablet at night to help me go to sleep due to pain.