Post Craniotomy Symptoms

My father has had a craniotomy in June 2008. He still has symptoms of a burning sensation, swelling, needles pricking the incision sight. Does anyone have similar symptoms? Does anyone know how long these symptoms will last?

I had a crainiotomy (2 of them actually) My first one was January of 07. And I still have the sense of burning and needles poking at the incision sight (so that is where I think it is coming from). Also I can’t feel anything on the top of my head…and doctors say that feeling may never come back. No one could really tell your father how long these symptoms will last because everyone is totally different. I hope this info helps you and your father a little.

Britanny, is the burning/needles poking sensations still as strong/hurtful as they were back when you had the craniotomy? My dad is setting up a MRI appointment to make sure that there is nothing else wrong in his head, aka brain.

Thanks for the information.

I had some symptoms where it felt like I could actually fees the scar line area, when in fact, I have no feeling there at all. I had some tingling also.

Wow. Your symptoms are just like my dad’s. He has tingling also…which is similar to the needle-like feeling also. When did your symptoms go away? And why did you have to go through the gamme-knife? The doctors have not recommended any of gammas.

You know, I cannot pinpoint exactly when the symptoms went away, but I can tell you that seven years later, I no longer have them. I had the gamma knife surgery because they did not successfully remove the AVM with the embolization and the craniotomy. I had the gamma knife surgery, and approx. two years later I received a clean bill of health. To date, I have had no other symptoms. I really hope it stays that way!!!

Hi Michelle,
I had a craniotomy one year ago…and I still have that feeling like worms or things crawling in my head.My left side of face in still numb but the doc. say that at a slow process the nerve endings will regenerate them self. We will see…just living with the pain and discomfort for now. hope this helps.
Sending Angel light and love…d

yeah they burning and needle poking thing still feels the same for me as it did when I had my first surgery in January of 07. Your father’s surgery wasn’t long ago and there is still a lot more things that is going to be through til he feels better…and that is if he is one of the lucky ones, and actually does feel better with time. I hope he is doing ok and is staying positive. :slight_smile:

Oh alright. It is definitely a healing process. My dad has been suffering with pain above his right eye (same side as AVM and same symptoms before the embo and craniotomy). The surgeon recommended him to go to the ER and get a CAT scan of the head. The wormy/needle feeling is the healing process but the pain above the eye they do not know exactly what it is. So hopefully it’s nothing. Keep your fingers crossed. I don’t know when he’s going to the ER but hopefulluy soon to get this part out of the way.

Thank you! I just replied to Donna above. That is the latest on my dad. So we shall see.
And yes we are definitely one of the lucky ones, but why my dad though. That’s what I don’t get. He was the healthiest 50 year old man before the avm procedures. And nevvvvver has anyone in our families, both sides, have had any major surgery like this. We’re all trying to adjust…time is a virtue.