Post Stereotactic Radio Surgery Complication

Hi Has anyone suffered from paralysis of the knees down to the foot post Stereo radio surgery? How did you recover?what were the treatments? My Wife has a brain AVM and part of it was eliminated. Now she is suffering from foot drop and her gait is somewhat steppage. Would anyone had the same problem? How did you recover from it?


I had the same procedure done on my 2cm avm located on my frontal left hemisphere, it is obliterated. My surgery was 08/2006 then exactly a year afterwards the right side of my body stopped working. In the beginning, I wasnt able to walk and also had no function on my upper extremities plus a mild aphasia. Fortunately, now I can walk for miles but with a slight drop foot when tired. My arm improved and is functional but my fingers still needs a lot more time. I have no problem communicating cause i pace my thoughts and concentrate in pronouncing syllables correctly. Very slowly but surely the right side of my body is getting better.

This year 01/2012 i started taking botox treatments to stop the spasticity on my arm and fingers. I highly recomend it to deal with the pain from muscle spasms. Also I observed that along with physical and occupational therapy; sleep, eating healthy, as well as a healthy mentality will make a significant difference.