Post stroke fatigue

Have just started taking Keppra - too early to tell if it works, has anyone else tried it? Experiences?

The neurologist gave me the names of two other drugs which we’re going to try if the Keppra does nothing
1. Amantidine
Any experiences?
Fatigue is one of my most debilitating symptoms.
Dom Pardey - tired survivor
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My Blog - Surviving a stroke (and sometimes saying too much) Post 225 is a summary and should save you some reading!

I’m currently taking Keppra and I think its ok. I take so many now that I can’t really tell what is doing what, but have the doctors try it and see what happens.

I’ve been on Keppra since post-op of #4 craniotomy 3/9/10. I’d been on Dilantin 20+ yrs. previously, but my Dilantin level dropped during post-op, I seized and was switched to Keppra.
Initially Keppra @ a dosage of 3000 mg daily made me feel ‘spacey,’ but mos. into my recovery I was able to decrease dosage to 1250 mg and feel much better on it.
Hope it works well for you,

I’ve been on Keppra since 2007 when I had my craniotomy because of my AVM brain bleed. I haven’t had any problem taking it, as long as I stay on the dosage the doctor ordered. I take 2 tabs - 300 MG twice a day. I was on Dilantin for one day and I was allergic to it… I have no problem with Keppra. Appartently it doesn’t make me fatigued, as I have trouble sleeping. Everyone is different, but I have no issues with Keppra.

Thanks for all that input guys. Just to say I don’t have seizures, but awful fatigue. I’m only taking the Keppra because I bumped into a guy who had a brain tumour that was causing myoclonic seizures which were causing severe fatigue. Taking Keppra got rid of his fatigue.

Dom, I have been taking Keppra for a year with no problems. I had been taking Dilantin but it made me toxic, so Keppra is good for me. Good luck!

Consensus seems to suggest that Keppra doesn’t have bad side effects which is a relief. If it dents my fatigue it will change my life.