Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the good wishes.

The cross-graft surgery for my facial paralysis went well. The doctor (Hadlock) was able to find a good nerve in my heel to attach to the nerves on the left side (good side) of my face. Now I wait for the nerves to grow from one side of the face to the other (it takes about eight months) and a muscle from my thigh is attached to a flap in my mouth and I should be able to use the right side of my face again! It’s a long haul but it will be worth it.

Thanks again.

Hi Mike,

Glad all went well and hope it continues to do so.


Hi Mike thats so good to here, I will keep my fingers and everything else crossed that all goes well and to plan, take care

Glad to hear that things went well and I hope the next 8 months or so bring the desired result.
Your positive attitude says alot and I am sure will help in the healing process.

Great to hear!
Get well soon!


I’m like wow they can do this amazing technlogy…How are you Mike??? Hope you recover fast…I happy for you!!! talk to you soon