Prevention article?

There is an article about prevention and AVM, I think it was mid year of 2010, and I beleive it was by/reprint by a moderator. I'm looking for a list of meds/over-the-counter/supplements to avoid. For example: the doc's gave me 2 script water pills, but was forced to stop due to balancing issues, caused by those meds. Have had "issues" with all 3 types (meds/over-the-counter/supplements), and also have some memory issues, in writing helps. I appriecate any assitance anyone can lend on this request very much.

Hey Ed, I’m not sure this was what you’re looking for, but it’s a good do’s and don’ts list of foods to eat and avoid:

Try the search bar on the top right, using “AVM + prevent” for example. I hope you find it, and please post if you do. Happy hunting! :slight_smile:

I was told to avoid OTC pain meds that thinned the blood like Aleve etc

Thanks for posting this info, I found it very interesting, I have been lucky not to have had a bleed or a seizure and I will do anything I can to prevent what I can! Once again many thanks! :slight_smile: