Prominent neck veins

Does anyone have pronounced neck viens that get bigger when you breath out or lean over on the side that your AVM is on? Mine is left frontal and mine seem to have increased in size on that side or maybe I just noticed it. They go in and out when I breath like my lungs would. Seems like my pulse is stronger on that side too. I can see my neck pulsating on the same side. Where as I don't see it on the other. Just a little freaky looking. Anybody else?

Melissa, I suggest you call your doctor about the veins and let us know what you learn. If these are draining veins from the avm, they might just be engorged, but since we also have members with neck avms, I would rather your doctor take a look.

I go back to the Mayo on the 21st of August for another radiation treatment. I will ask then.

Yes I have this exact same thing, mine is left frontal also. I don’t notice it on the right side. I also have this pressure feeling in the left side of my neck. Not sure what is but I’ve always thought it has to be related to the avm.