Question about blood work

As I sit and think of everything the doctors have done to diagnose my husband with a AVM. I remember 1 of the first things was some blood work as they felt he may have MS at the beginning. With at least one of the test results they were able to say he had a blood vessel abnormality. Has anyone ever had results like this?

It has been documented that in brain AVMs certain proteins are found in higher concentration in blood:

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Plasma Levels Are Significantly Elevated in Patients with Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations
I. Erol Sandalcioglua Doreen Wendea Angelika Eggertb Daniela MülleraUlla Roggenbuckc Thomas Gassera Helmut Wiedemayera Dietmar Stolkeaa
Department of Neurosurgery and bDivision of Haematology/Oncology and Endocrinology,University hildren’s Hospital, and cInstitute for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology,University of Essen, Essen , Germany

Cerebrovasc Dis 2006;21:154–158

Wow lakersfan...I never knew that! I wonder if that could ever mean a simple blood test to determine if a patient may have an AVM. Then scans if the test shows higher levels. How in the world did you find that?

Thank you lakers fan.

One of the test that was done was a spinal tap............the spinal fluid had elevated proteins.

One of the test they ran was called a myelin basic protein, the result was elevated twice it should be.

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I stumbled across the statement a while ago in a textbook on vascular anomalies. I remembered that when I saw Lisa's discussion topic so I type the relevant keywords (vegf, plasma) into