Question about MRI results

Personal experience, no. It doesn’t seem to matter how urgent the scan is, it can take ages.

When I first saw a doc about my AVM, I happened to see an ENT consultant (because my GP thought “tinnitus” rather than “pulsatile tinnitus”). He diagnosed my AVM by listening to it with a stethoscope. “Mr D, you’re my last patient of the day but my most interesting patient of the day. You have what we call an arteriovenous malformation.” Other than telling him I didn’t particularly want to be his most interesting patient of the day, he added, “I’ll send you for an urgent MRI”.

That was something like 24 August 2016. I got my MRI scan on about 19 September and the report didn’t get written and sent back to the ENT man before 20 October.

All the while, I was in panic mode.

So, no. It can take far, far too long.

My experience with these sort of things? You need to chase it, at least if it is outstanding for as long as this. The only reason the report got written and sent back was me raising a formal complaint.

Good luck!


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