Question for the ladys

Has anyone had hormonal issues after brain surgery? I’m having all kinds of issues I never had before the AVM and I know the brain controls hormone production. Just a shot in the dark but I was hoping someone might have some answers for me.

Hi N,

Your “shot in the dark” is interesting, and worth asking your doctor about. I’d like to know the answer!

What about exercise as a factor? If you’ve been less active while recovering, that throws hormone levels out of whack.


Perhaps the pituitary gland was irritated in some way during the surgery. Definitely speak with your doctor.

JH, exercise isnt really a factor for me. I’m a cna so I’m lifting and lugging and walking for 8hrs straight. Also mess around on the total gym a little,but maybe more exercise would help. I’m sure the stress of my job plays a big role with my hormones too. The year before I went back to work I was exercising everyday and feeling pretty good, then went back to work and everything went crazy for me.

Hi Laura, never had any seizures. Interesting how the can corespond to your monthly cycle, though. I can t really ask my neuro surgeon anything anymore because I’ve basically been dismissed. He said that i’m physically fine now, followed me for a year and then said that my primary should take over. I go to him on the 8th of next month so I’ll definatly see if he can figure something out. He’s all interested in my nervous system being disrupted but maybe that can effect you hormonaly. Thanks for the advice.

YES!!! Go to an endocrinologist test all your levels. My prolactin level was high, sweats, gained 95 pounds, and hot flashes!! Just like menopausal.Lots of Vitamin D like 4000 units, she also put me on progesterone pill. Not any more issues!!

A friend of mine had a breast op(not brain) and chemo- and radiotherapy. After all, she got even hormonal problems. The doctor told her that menopause may occur earlier after a surgery.