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My girlfriend has avm, we’ve been together about a year but she recently began to have seisures, she had open brain surgery back in 2006. She takes kepra for the seisures. But to the point, I dont know much of the symptoms other than what i read because she doesnt like to speak about it but last week she had a sort of breakdown, where she felt like she didn’t know who I was or what she was doing in my house and began asking for her father and crying…has anyone heard of this before, I know it had happened once to her before but soon after her surgery. Thankss

It could be a partial seizure. Does she see an epileptologist? (Some people see a regular neurologist for seizures, but it’s better to see a specialist.)

My son (no AVM, but seizures) had complex partial seizures. We called them “zone out seizures”. If you talked with him during a seizure, he would look at you, but he was out of it. He would often tell us he could hear us talking, but couldn’t process what we were saying. We tried to give him a word to remember when he was having a seizure, then ask him later if he recalled the word we asked him to recall. Never did.

His seizures were usually 1-3 minutes long, followed by 15-30 minutes of disorientation. As he came back, he had no recollection of where he was, where we were going, or what was he was doing when the seizure hit.

One time in high school, he had a 30 minute long seizure while at band practice (new teacher who didn’t know him or his situation). Our daughter found him walking the halls like rain man. Since this s was so long, we called the DR, who said go to the ER. Well, by the time we drove to the hospital, and waited for 45 minutes, he was fine, so we left and just stopped by the DR office.

Her reaction doesn’t sound that abnormal to me if she was having a seizure. Sometimes the anti-s stop working too, which doesn’t help. Or things like stress, skipping meals, being overtired, or alcohol can trigger seizures too. Hang in there.

Best Wishes to each of you.

Ron, KS

That’s exactly what happens to her! After seisures she can’t speak much. She also says she hears but can’t reply even if she wants to. But when she had that reaction that she broke down and didn’t recognize me I got very worried. Have you heard of any cases of those things ever becoming permanent? Thanks again

I’ve not ever heard that they are permanent from an AVM. If you have a stroke, yea maybe.

When your brain has a seizure, it’s like a train wreck in your head. If you’ve ever seen an EEG of “normal” activity and seizure activity, the seizure activity is like the worst earthquake on seismograph ever. No wonder it takes some time after all the electrical activity subsides for things to “reboot” to something approaching normal.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Yes you were a great help thanks!!