Questions for next Doctors appointment and Arachnoid Cyst

Hello everyone-

I am at a loss for words right now and am dissappointed of how our first visit went. I walked out puzzled and upset. I had called to make an appt with whom we had a consultation with (Dr.Spetzler, but Kathy at the front desk argued that we actualy needed to see Dr.McDougall. I tried explaining to her that Dr.Spetzler felt open surgery is best vs embolization but she argued it was the other way around so we would see Dr. McDougall instead. To my hesitation I made the appt.

Yesterday we had seen Dr.McDougall. He had mentioned that he would rather do the embolization vs. Dr.Spetzler doing surgery.... Also him and his fellow Dr.Park, said that our son has an Arachoid Cyst in his brain but it is benign. We weren't provided details about it and the whole appt was vague in general. I want specifics for the next appt and would like some help on good questions to ask. Just feeling realy overwhelmed now and don't know where to start.

Understand how confused you would be.

I'd suggest typing up your feelings and questions. Spend some time organizing them, so it's not he'd have to read War and Peace to understand how you feel. Once you've reviewed/updated it a few times, take that with you. One copy for him, one for you. If you have someone else join you, give them a copy so they can help take notes. Right after the appt, or during if the Dr leaves the room, compare what you heard.

As he responds, put a checkmark by what he's covered. If he doesn't cover it all, you can ask specifically. We found that Drs prefer to have their patients concerns / questions written out. It probably saves them time too.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

I'm sorry, Dionne. Communication is sometimes difficult at Barrow. I think the most important thing when you return is to let them know that you were thrown for a loop and that you felt there were many questions left unanswered at your last appointment. Ask the doctor to please take the time to make sure you understand everything, because this is your child, and you need to understand and be comfortable with the decisions being made for his treatment.

Thank you Ron:) I will come better prepared for the next appointment with questions in hand.

Agreed Dancermom. I did email the doctor with further questions and his fellow promptly returned with anphonecall. He put me at ease answering my questions. Except one question… Why does Dr.McDougall say him doing Embolization is preferred and yet Dr. Spetzler say he feels open surgery is best? I asked Dr.McDougall’s fellow Dr.Park why and all he could answer was that he couldn’t speak for Dr.Spetzler. So now, we made an appointment with Dr.Spetzler hoping to get explanation what is best?