Questions on avms and gamma knife

hi my name is amy . i have been dealing with a avm for as long as i was born . on wensday i am going to dallas tx to have a 30 minuet talk about what is going to happen . now i have heard alot about what will happen , but i am not sure . my last talk with my doctor was really eye opening . if i don’t get this treated i could die ,onther thing is about having an avm is the weight you can’t put on . i work out alot. about 5 to 7 days a week . now that the doctor tells me i can’t . that really ends all of my motivation . that was a perfect stress releaser for me . i just wonder if i can go back to lifting weights and working out ? i really don’t like staying in my house for along time . pluse i would like to get out . how do people deal with themselves before they even have the gamma knife operation. i would love the advice please

Hi Amy,

Hopefully your DR talk will help with some answers.

It is my guess that the reason for the “no exercise” statement comes from the fear that stressing the body (hard exercise) could cause a rupture. Think about this though–you’ve been exercising for X years and have NOT had a rupture. I think it might be reasonable to cut back til some treatment is done, then I see no reason not to restart your exercise program. Of course, maybe the DR has a valid reason, and you should go with what he/she says.

If they say no to exercise, I’d counter with “how about longer exercise at less exertion?”

I suspect a lot of the snap comments by medical people are just generalizations. For example, if you’ve NEVER exercised, starting right after an AVM is discovered might be bad. But you’ve been exercising…

I have to laugh, following one of my wife’s many embo’s or microsurgery, when we were checking out with the two head RNs, they handed us a sign out sheet, listing all the restrictions: No lifting, no straining, and #5 in the list of 10 was the act between a man and a woman…

When they asked us “Any questions?” I jumped right in with “WHAT ABOUT #5???”

The nurses both rolled their eyes and said they didn’t know why that was on there and we could ignore #5 as soon as we wanted…

Go for what you want to do. Obviously, if something seems un-normal, stop, but otherwise, I don’t know why they would restrict exercise. To me, part of it comes down to quality of life–if your life revolves around exercise, maybe some risk is ok.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Hi~ I hope everything is working out. I was young when my avm hemorrhaged (7) and then had the gamma knife done a few months later. The following year I was unable to take gym class or ride a bike just as a percaution. After that however I was able to do anything and exercise was encouraged. Its now 15 years later with no problems. I hope this helps and encourages you!

Best of wishes

my avm was discovered jan 08 and i had gamma in march 08, i was told until the avm was gone to keep my heart rate under 180 and to only lift 30 lbs, well i swam and played water polo, which included weight training so this was a hard cutback for me. my doctor said that yes, i had been doing this and there hadnt been a bleed, but there is no sense in having an extra risk of it bleeding.
maybe try some yoga or another excercise that isnt necisarily cardio or weights