Radiologist/specialist/surgeon in the UK or anywhere, babies High Flow AVM in hand....please help

Hi to everyone
We have a 5 and half month daughter that has a High Flow AVM to her left index finger.
We have been to GOSH and had an Angiogram.
The Plastic surgeon and radiologist said that they feel the only way forward is to remove the index finger and monitor the other finger and hope they are ok...

As most of you can understand, we are devastated.

We are seeking second and third opinions (absolutely no reflefction on the people we have already seen who have been fantastic).

I have the full angiogram and report which I am wanting to email to as many specialists that are able to look at it.

So, any help, email, recomendations would be very appreciative and i thank you all in advance.

Thank you

Martyn and Plamena...and of course...little Ryah (Ryah means paradise in Bulgarian)

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I suggest you email Robert Rosen through the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation:

I hope he will be able to help you. He practices in NY.

thank you for that.

we actualy already had his details and i emailed him a couple of days ago. i hope that he will at least look at the findings and give us direction. GOSH want to operate in january so we are under a little pressure to find alternative treatment (if any) or be reassured that theremoval of the finger is the best option.

thank you again