Radiosurgery Anyone?

My husband Matt just had radiosurgery yesterday. He has the most wonderful doctors and they said that the AVM had grown a little since the last embolization in December, from 1 cm to 2 cm, but that they expected that to happen. The radiation went well and now we are waiting to see what will happen over the next year or so. His neuro doctor said that he wanted to watch him and do an annual angiogram. I am a little nervous about waiting a year to see what happens. I think they should check it again in 6 months. Is this normal? Matt did really well with the radiation and the only problems that he is having is slight pain at the 4 spots where they attached the halo to his head. Thanks for being here and for you input.

Radiosurgery is the least invasive option except for the “halo”. My sites were sore for quite a while and took a while to close up and heal. I always pick through my hair when it is wet and I poked into the holes in back quite a few times while they were healing “OUCH” but the ones in front healed pretty fast. In the places in back I still do not have hair in those two spots 11 years later.

I am sure they have better reading on the timeframes now but back then, they told me the surgery works for 3 years and that is when you will get the best read on how much it has shrunk or been elimintated. It took 1 1/2 years before they saw much change in mine but at the end of progression, it has shrunk 80% and they decided just to leave it alone and watch it.
When I hit my 10th year the tests are showing growth again but I am not letting them do anything with it at this time.
My original AVM had 4 anuerisms rupture in it at one time and was bigger than an egg but smaller than a lime.
I would say if they want to wait until a year to check it, is is probably because they want to give the radiosurgery a little time to work before submitting your husband to more tests. Those angiograms can be hard on your body and they probably do not want to subject him to more than is neccessary.

The hardest part is the waiting game with radio-surgery and the effects on you brain can show up for years. BUT it is the safest and has the least impact on the patient, compared to the other options.

I am very glad that it is going well for your husband. Know that all of us here will be there for you and your husband, anytime you just need to talk, vent or have questions.
Both of you take care and let us know how things are going.