Reality has hit me

So the past couple months I have been so excited for my surgery. Now it’s less than a week away. I’m still excited because I know I’ll get better, but I want my family to be in the room with me. And that’s probably not going to happen. So that frightens me. Brooke Anne Temarantz will be there too. My best friend is there for everything. I really hope I don’t get to scared to do this by myself. I just want to be okay, and live a long happy life. Not to let anyone bring me down. To get married and have kids. And give them all the things I was blessed with. To be in love. That’s been my lifelong dream. I want to, no I need to accomplish it. I hope this surgery allows me to do all of it.

Things take time. And soon enough you’ll be back to your old self again. I love you, Brooke. And you’re gonna do fine. You’ve already made it so far. And by the time you’re able to have kids and stuff I’m sure you’ll have made a full recovery. Keep your head up. Love you.

I love you too. Ms. Supportive. <3


Have they told you how long you’ll be in the hospital? I way overpacked for my 3 day hospital stay for my craniotomy this summer. I took my kindle & my laptop & never used either of them, but family members used my laptop. I took a couple of pair of shorts, a pair of jammie bottoms, a couple of tank tops…only used the shorts and one tank top. I did use my cell phone a lot to check facebook. Everyone’s messages to me made my days go by easier. I took a fuzzy blanket, too, that I didn’t use, but family did–people who stayed the night with me were glad to have it because the a/c vent was right over their chair/bed.

What surgery are you having?

I french-braided my hair to keep it from becoming a tangled mess while I was in surgery/recovery.

I’m having a Gamma-knife. And I should only be there over night.

For Gamma Knife, I didn’t have to stay all night. I arrived at 5:30 am & went home late that evening. I wore my hair braided for GK, too, to keep it out of the way & it didn’t interfere with fitting the halo. Except for while I was actually in for my MRI, angiogram, and in the GK machine, they let my family stay with me (one or two at a time).

The GK center in Houston lets you bring your mp3 player & they’ll play it for you while in the machine. I don’t have one, so they picked out some nice, pretty, relaxing classical music for me to listen to & I was able to nap for most of the time.

I’ll be thinking of you this week.


I had gamma in June. I sent out a fb message to all my friends asking them what their all time favorite song was. I created a playlist with their suggestions. It was amazing. Helped me focus on people instead of what was going on, while in the machine

Hi Brooke. I thought my story would give you some hope. I was 25 years old and 6 months pregnant when I had my bleed. It was a BiG one. The doctor told my family I might not live through the night. Hold on it gets better. Not only did I get through the night but I recovered (obviously) and 3 months later gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who is now 26 years old and I had a baby girl 4 years later and she is about to have her first baby.

Brooke i will be honest with you about something and it’s for your heart. Jesus. My story is miraculous. There is a saviour and he died for all of us. The doctor had no hope for me that day but my family prayed for a miracle. Tell all of your feelings and fears to him. He hears every word you say and every tear you cry he holds in his hands.

God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers. :slight_smile:

Brook, you will be in all of our prayers for the next week and all of your dreams will be coming true once you persevere thru this!!! Like Laurie said, release your feelings and you’ll be amazed at the miracles that will brought into your life :))!!!

Many blessings to you!!!


I’m sure it will be fine u r blessed with family n friends who care for you and who will support u that’s the key to a successful recovery


thank youu.

thank you.

Leona, that was the best advice ive read in a while made me smile and admirer your strenght. I hope you are also feeling better and fight this evil avm… Your family seems very lucky to have you and u will also grow from this…

Best of luck…

One of the things I realised is that the survivor of the surgery is usually fine and great with people supporting the survivor but…this can backfire in the the family n friends my get a but jealous or upset that they don’t get the accolades for their role so do remember to support the supporters…

Agree with Keenanah
Thanks for sharing this positive post!