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My husband experienced a ruptured AVM in his left temporal brain at age 62 in January of 2017. After research, we decided on embolization with Onyx over the Gamma. In the years since, he has recovered nicely. He does have to keep his stress level down or we have found that he can experience seizures. We subsequently retired and have moved to the southwest where we are living our best life!

Recently we were rear ended at a stop light and he needed emergency hospitalization. The CT showed (of course) coiling in his brain and since his back was very painful, they could not proceed with an MRI until the medical records were received from the Chicago hospital that performed the embolization. We waited 3 days! Thankfully, his back was not broken! Just very bruised. We were given a copy of the MRI medical records from Chicago in the event there is ever a need for these records again.


Thanks for popping in and passing that along! I have a medic alert brace-lot but has very little info, but does have my wife’s phone number and that I have no allergies. It came with a wallet card that has a great deal of info and is about the size of a credit card, pull it from a sleeve and it accordions out. I think there are companies where a bar code when scanned will provide the info, but not sure on that.

Certainly something many of us need to consider, thanks again. John


Good to hear he’s doing well!

Auto accidents :roll_eyes: can turn a life upside down on their own - even without prior conditions

Thanks for sharing.

Glad to hear your husband is doing well & hope his back gets better ASAP… God bless!

For those of us in the category of watchful waiting, we keep the latest MRI on a CD and take it wherever we go. Not sure how helpful that really is, but I can’t see carrying around a binder of stuff everywhere we go.

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Hey DWA,
I too obtained a CD with my scans. I also have my own ‘medical file’ which is about 4inches think. But rather than carrying it all around with me, I’ve scanned all of the documents and transferred all of the scans and documents onto a metal USB drive. I carry the USB on my keys so that anytime, any place, that information is available, if needed.

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