Recovery Update

Well its been 2 1/2 weeks since the surgery and still going strong. Went on my first mile walk with my children stopped at a park along the way. Actually had to make alot of stops along the way got dizzy. Body didn’t want to work with me. Thought I was ready. But god did it feel good to do something normal before the surgery you can only watch so much tv and fart around on the computer or in the house. Still have dizzy spells, and some of my hair fell out this morning i thought i was going to cry. I get the staples out on wednesday Ya. All 47 of them. I now have my own built in little head band you would never know i had brain surgery. The surgeon did not shave off all the hair he said he was going to. It will be interesting to see how it grows back. Thanks for all the support I have recieved from this site. Everyone on here has helped more than you will ever know. I have even told my surgeon about this site. So he can give it to future patients. I figured it helped me so much that it might help others. All my love and prayers to you all.

I am impressed that you are recovering so fast. At 2 1/2 weeks, I was still in a hospital bed with lots of tubes just coming out of the coma. I remember the first few months was the careful balancing act. Make certain that I did enough exercise and make real certain not to overexercise. So, take it easy and work hard.

That’s exactly right Al, take it easy but work hard! It is very easy to over do it. We’re so eager to resume any sense of normalcy that we tend to go all out only to end up exhausted. Your recovery seems to be going so well, I’m very glad. Just be sure to get plenty of rest. After all it’s not every day you have brain surgery!