Hi all , I had my bleed in June this year followed by 2 embolisations I have made some recovery double vision improving . Can now hold a pen in left hand and walking a little better ( still afraid off falling ) . Diagnosed as ataxic . What I am wondering is will my recovery continue ? Or when will it stop. Thanks

It goes on for a long time! Keep working at it as long as you can. Doctors are now starting to admit that patients who come in 10 years after a brain operation and say they are still seeing improvements aren't making it up. Ten years! The biggest changes happen in the first few years, but the changes after that are still noticeable and important and worth the work you'll put in to make them happen.

You may already be aware that there are plateaus, LONG periods of time when it seems like nothing is changing. Don't let them stop you from doing your recovery work and finding new ways of working on deficits. Brain change is lifelong; finding ways to challenge your weak spots is always a good idea.

Hi Emmam - I was diagnosed with Ataxia on my left side (vocal chord, arm, leg, etc. and all of that great stuff). Where my left side was once completely paralyzed with no use, now I have quite a bit of functioning with that side after quite a bit of speech and physical and occupational therapy - still much weaker and unreliable than before my burst, but I'll take it.

Also, there's an Ataxic site (that you can find a link on this site) where you might find some more information.

I don't want to give any false hope, but never give up on trying and working at it.

It's a marathon and definitely not a sprint.

Hi Julie your right about it being a marathon !! Made me laugh I was diagnosed as ataxic due to my balance walking . Weak left side ( left handed) so great fun . Have to laugh at myself sometimes better than crying !! Hope you are keeping well