Red eyes - linked to AVMs?

Hi guys. I've only recently been diagnosed with a large AVM in the left frontal lobe (so i'm still getting my head around it all), but was wondering if anyone with an AVM has experienced constant red and inflamed eyes? I have always thought it was allergies but after doing some reading, some materials suggest that red eyes could be linked to AVM's. Has anyone else found this? Thanks, B

Hi Bianca,

In my previous message to you, I mentioned that I have had vision problems related to my AVM. What I did not mention in that message is that my AVM was initially diagnosed after being sent by an optometrist to have an MRI due to the discovery of a partial loss of peripheral vision. At the time, the optometrist had done a full exam and made no mention of swelling, pressure, redness, or anything of the like. A few years later, I had surgery to remove the AVM and started having very dry, red eyes almost immediately following the surgery. I can remember lying in bed as little as a week after the surgery and complaining to my wife and mom about my eyes feeling dry and scratchy. They started putting in eye drops right away and they seemed to help quite a bit.

It has now been over 5 years since my surgery, but I still deal with dry, scratchy eyes on an almost daily basis. Much like Jason, I use eye drops as part of my daily routine and it seems to do the trick. I am not saying that it will solve your issue, and it is not a bad idea to have an optometrist check out your eyes to make sure there is not something critical taking place.

I’d gone through weeks of red eyes, what looked like pink eye but wasn’t, while at a very stressful job, I wonder now if it was linked to my avm.